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Effects of Using Glutathione

effect of using glutax 5g injectable glutathione

The hype associated with glutathione supplement use can be linked to this substance being seen as both a revolutionally health supplement and skin lightening agent. It has been claimed that glutathione can cure cancer and even AIDS. Although some of these claims might seem outrageous, the truth is that no one is really sure what effects glutathione has when used as a supplement. Glutax 5g injectable glutathione is just one of the forms in which glutathione is available as a supplement.

Why Glutathione
It is more than likely that many people using it don’t even know that glutathione is not an essential nutrient. This is unlike most of the vitamin supplements in the market such as vitamin C, B, A and E. Why is this? The reason is that each and every cell in the human body is able to synthesize glutathione on its own. Then why are there so many people buying it as a supplement? This is because of what glutathione does in the body.

Glutathione and free radicals
The main role glutathione plays in a cell is to neutralize harmful elements in cells called free radicals. Free radicals are formed after oxygen molecules are broken down in a cell’s various metabolic processes. Once an oxygen molecule is split, two unstable oxygen atoms are produced. One oxygen might get used up in the reaction, leaving the other unstable. This free unstable oxygen atom attacks other stable cell molecules as it tries to gain stability, which ends up disrupting other vital processes.

This activity of free oxygen atoms causes cell damage which translates to the cell aging quicker. When this happens in all the body’s cells the body ages. We can therefore conclude that the main reason why everyone is so interested in glutathione is because it can slow down aging. Some even believe it can not only stop aging, but also reverse it. This is synonymous to saying that glutathione is the elixir of life.

The Truth or Myth of glutathione
The truth about glutathione is that it’s one of the most important substances in the human body. Apart from the role of neutralizing free oxygen atoms, glutathione is critical in almost all metabolic processes within a cell. This is due to its anti-oxidizing property which allows it to neutralize almost all unstable substances produced in the various cell metabolic processes. The truth is that the body cannot function without it. Whether increasing the body’s level of glutathione is beneficial or not, remains a question that has many possible answers.

Glutathione various functions in body cells
It is involved in the regulation of the rates at which cells divide and grow. This makes glutathione vital in regulating overall growth.It is fundamental in the DNA synthesis and repair. This function can probably be used to explain the effect glutathione has in reducing the drawbacks of chemotherapy for cancer patient. It could be the factor that allows quicker recovery from a variety of cancers. Glutathione is vital for the conversion of toxins, carcinogens and heavy metal into harmless forms due to its anti-oxidising property. This definitely promotes overall well being.

The last function is probably a key to explaining glutathione’s apparent improvement in health in individual suffering from all manner of disease. It is also crucial to the formation of the body white blood cells, particularly T-cell and macrophages. Increased levels of glutathione appear to promote increased production of these white cells. In effect glutathione functions as a powerful immune booster.

Application for skin lightening
Skin lightening is probably the one other reason dark skinned people are choosing to use glutathione as a supplement. It does cause skin lightening and this is one of the positive effect of using glutax 5g injectable glutathione. It causes this when it interferes with the production of the skin coloring pigment melanin.

supplement intake
It has been clearly demonstrated that taking glutathione orally i.e. tablets, capsules etc has little effect in increasing glutathione in cells. Taking it in it’s injectable form is much more effective. This explains why glutax 5g injectable glutathione has in a high demand. Other forms of glutathione in the market are centered on administering its precursors. Precursors are the raw materials the body needs to synthesize it.